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My wanted items!! I am always buying if you have these - thanks!
Updated 6/6/20

Retsuden Stamper:

Vaporeon & Cresselia

I am looking for pose C in the large blue dice. I need pose B, C, D for the smaller red dice. I have an extra red pose A if anyone would like to trade.

I am looking for any color metal figure that I do not have (all pictured above). I do have an extra brass one if someone would like to trade.

Scraggy metal figure - need all colors


All the items below I am currently taking claims on. A claim is a commitment! If you claim 2 items, but I can only get 1 of them- you are still committed to the 1 item. Please keep that in mind as some claim items are random blind packed.
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Coo’Nuts Series 2
Release date: Feb 2019
Price $5 each

These are about 2” tall. Box has 14 random packs out of a total of 16 characters. A full box does not include a full set. I am ordering at least 2 boxes (may order more if there is interest). I am taking 2 claims per character.
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Sales policy:
-Sales permission granted in March 2015 by areica96.
-Prices do not include shipping, but do include PayPal fees.
-PayPal only - sent as goods/services - protects buyer and seller. PayPal:
-Buyer must pay within 24 hours, unless other arrangements are made.
-I ship from NH USA within 2 days of cleared payment.
-First class USPS shipping within the US starts at $3.50, I can send things like cards as flats!
-Free tracking number for packages within the US.
-Will ship internationally.
- International shipping for flat items for things like clear files Starts at $5.00. Anything larger will have to go as a package - I can give quotes.
-Insurance is extra, please ask for prices.
-I do reuse packing material when I can to cut down on shipping costs for buyers. Items are packed well!
-First buyer to commit gets the item. I do not hold for quotes.
-Items from a smoke free home, but I do have cats/dogs.

Feedback links:
New (6/7/20) thread style feedback link:

My old feedback on pkmncollectors:

UPDATED 6/17/20

PokeBox Pins/buttons $5 each
(2.25 inch metal buttons)
SOLD: Jolteon

Kingler, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan 151 pins $2 each
Tepig Pokedoll Stamp Pin $14

Pokedoll Stamp Tote $30

Nylon Cinch Backpack $14

Halloween Handkerchief from 2011 $20

Jolteon I LOVE Eevee small 6” Plush $15

Pokemon Quest Plush Cube has Vaporeon Jolteon Eevee Flareon $15

Pikachu Modern Art Kuji Plush $50 obo

Bewear mascot $25 SOLD
Eevee mascot $24
Deerling MPC $8 SOLD
Lycanroc Banpresto $15

Cube $25

Alola mug $18 SOLD
Easter melamine plate $15 SOLD
Pikachu battle figure $4
Ninetails first release $18

Substitute $15
Pokemon Time Garchomp tin $10

Ditto Gengar standard size $50

Karel Capek Pikachu $35

Candy tin (empty) $5

Clefable friends. Has tush tag $19

Pokemon Japan Zoff foldable sunglasses from Japan. These are kids sunglasses. They fold into the Pokeball. $60

Cloth $5 SOLD
Bag $10SOLD
Stickers $8 SOLD
Charm set $25

Eevees Puzzle Tin $5

Other views:

Eevees Card sleeves (complete) $20
Eevees deck box $25

(Views of both sides)
Eevees terry cloth Pouch $15

Best Wishes Movie Wristlet/Bag $10

Croquis notebook $15
Pokemon Time notes $10
Pokemon Center London Note cards (7 of them) $3 each. Will come protected in cardboard.

Eevees Toyota RC car. RARE $90

Jolteon mug Never used $20
Eevee mansion mug $25 SOLD
Subway Masters mug never used $20

Eevees Cup never used $5 SOLD
Vaporeon Bento never used $40 obo

Garchomp larger kid figure $4

Clear zippered pouch gen 1 Pokemon $10

Pokemon Movie popcorn bucket $15

From Pokemon Center Japan Large $34

We Love Fine Unisex Medium NEW $10

Blanket $80

Jolteon Pouch $30 OBO
Happy Party Time Ruler $10 SOLD
Kuttari cup (never used) $30 SOLD

Ground type clear file $10
Grass type clear file $10

All Eevee ones $12
Cafe $10

Clear files $5 each

Band Fes Clear file $5

Collection post!

First collection post!
I have been collecting Pokemon items since Pokemon blue/red came out!
My main collections:
Vapreon, Diglett, Dugtrio, Exeggutor
Combee, Exeggcute, Cresselia
And also:
Vulpix, Mew, Brock, Regirock

The three main collections- I collect everything. I did not post pictures of flats/clear files ;) how do you guys display bandannas and towels? Mine always end up in a stack :(

Image heavy!

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Also, my wants/needs:
Vaporeon metal figure (I only have bronze)
Vaporeon in case figure w/ red base
Vaporeon stamper w/ pink and blue bases
Diglett in case figure with Santa hat
Diglett water museum game
Diglett swing/keychain plush - vintage one
Diglett/dugtrio pokecen charm set
Cresselia pokecen charm
Grimer metal figure- only looking for purple one
Scraggy metal figure

Thanks for looking!