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Sales policy:
-Sales permission granted in March 2015 by areica96.
-Prices do not include shipping, but do include PayPal fees.
-PayPal only - sent as goods/services - protects buyer and seller.
-Buyer must pay within 24 hours, unless other arrangements are made.
-I ship from NH USA within 2 days of cleared payment.
-First class USPS shipping within the US starts at $3.50, I can send things like cards as flats!
-Free tracking number for packages within the US.
-Will ship internationally.
- International shipping for flat items under 1/2 inch thick is $3.75. Anything larger will have to go as a package - I can give quotes.
-Insurance is extra, please ask for prices.
-I do reuse packing material when I can to cut down on shipping costs for buyers. Items are packed well!
-First buyer to commit gets the item. I do not hold for quotes.
-Items from a smoke free home, but I do have cats/dogs.

My feedback on pkmncollectors: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ssjvap/

UPDATED 7/16/19


Please make offers on anything below!

Ga-Ole $1 each
Vulpix SOLD
(Codes were edited for the picture)

Pokebox eevee and Kyogre are sold

All $1 off!
Vulpix kid, helioptile Tomy sold

All $4 off!
Large Eevee face wallet SOLD
Mansion Wallet SOLD

It’s Demo Eevee tote $50

$8 lanyard SOLD

Paper theater SOLD

Free magazine is gone

Hi ,could I get a quote for the eevee bath salt disk, eevee bracelet,eevee,zygarde,pikachu clearfile, poliwag sanei plush and the eevee pencil cap to new zealand 5014 please?:)

Sorry for the long wait! I just saw this!
Looks like shipping is $22.25 for first class.
Let me know if you are still interested.
Total would be $37.25 to jennymeuse@gmail.com

If for some reason shipping is less I will refund you the difference. Sometimes it ends up being less because I buy the postage online :)

Quote for Zoroak plush to Canada?

Shipping is $13.50 to Canada.
If you are still interested I can do $25.00 to jennymeuse@gmail.com

I'll take the Latios Pokedoll to 30067 if he's still available :3

Latios is still available ! Total is $17.90 to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put in the notes your username and what you got!

I'd like to take Chatot Pokedoll to 35661 please!

Great! Total is $37.90 via PayPal to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put in the notes your username and what you got!

I'm interested in chatot pokedoll and would like a quote for it shipped to 90040.

Sorry, it's already been spoken for.

Hi! I'm wondering the condition of the buizel pokedoll. Looking at the photo, it looks to me like its fabric has a little love? XD But I'm not sure. Can you tell me about it? And, a quote for him to 94521 please. Thank you! n_n

(Deleted comment)
He is still available! I can do $7.00 shipped. If this is ok you can send $7.00 to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put in the notes your username and what you got!

May I have a quote for the Manaphy Pokedoll, Sanei poliwag, mew clip, and Ash Greninja pencil board to 37072 please? :D

Goods total is $21
Shipping is $3.50
Total would be $24.50 to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Let me know if you are interested!

Can I get both the buizel and the bulbasaur/oddish post card and the treecko poketime file for $35 shipped? (to the US)

If you can do $35 shipped without the treecko poketime file I would be okay with that too

Id like to ask if there is still the S sticker and if there is any defects

Could I just get a quote for that Alakazam pin to 32405?

It would be $3.90 to jennymeuse@gmail.com if you would like it!

Hello ^^
I private messaged you a few hours back asking if you might have a spare mareep pokebox charm? I know you offered it already... but if you decide to auction it instead i would really really be dedicated.. i understand if not

thank you ^^

Committed to mienfoo/mienshao dot sprite charm and Z crystal bracelet to 30114 USa

Ok total is $7 to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put your user name in the notes

Committed to the Vaporeon / Glaceon card, the card with all of the Eeveelutions, the Alolan Vulpix / Pikachu postcard and the Alolan Vulpix / Pikachu coaster where they're both looking upward at you, to 60637, please :>

Ok great! Total is:
Items $8.00
Shipping $2.90
Total $10.90 to jennymeuse@gmail.com just put your username in the notes!

Edited at 2017-11-30 05:56 am (UTC)

Committed to pearly pikachu and the jolteon game piece, to 48133 please

Items total $3.25
Shipping $2.90
Total $6.15 to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put your username in the notes!

Hi :-) would LOVE to commit to the oshawott 6$ to 94521 if it's still avaliable. Tysm!! :3

Total is $8.90 to jennymeuse@gmail.com

Just put your username in the notes :)