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Sales policy:
-Sales permission granted in March 2015 by areica96.
-Prices do not include shipping, but do include PayPal fees.
-PayPal only - sent as goods/services - protects buyer and seller.
-Buyer must pay within 24 hours, unless other arrangements are made.
-I ship from NH USA within 2 days of cleared payment.
-First class USPS shipping within the US starts at $3.50, I can send things like cards as flats!
-Free tracking number for packages within the US.
-Will ship internationally.
- International shipping for flat items under 1/2 inch thick is $3.75. Anything larger will have to go as a package - I can give quotes.
-Insurance is extra, please ask for prices.
-I do reuse packing material when I can to cut down on shipping costs for buyers. Items are packed well!
-First buyer to commit gets the item. I do not hold for quotes.
-Items from a smoke free home, but I do have cats/dogs.

My feedback on pkmncollectors: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ssjvap/

UPDATED 7/16/19


Please make offers on anything below!

Ga-Ole $1 each
Vulpix SOLD
(Codes were edited for the picture)

Pokebox eevee and Kyogre are sold

All $1 off!
Vulpix kid, helioptile Tomy sold

All $4 off!
Large Eevee face wallet SOLD
Mansion Wallet SOLD

It’s Demo Eevee tote $50

$8 lanyard SOLD

Paper theater SOLD

Free magazine is gone

May I please have a quote of the skating + ice cream coaster $4, Pikachu/Victini/Jirachi card $2, and Mimikyu PC sticker $3 to Vancouver, BC? ;W;

I can send these as a flat in a card for $3.00 but there is no tracking.
Total would be $12 to jennymeuse@gmail.com
I think I could still send as a “flat” in a bubble mailer for $5 if you want to do that, total would be $14.00

Commited to the Umbreon Ornament, Garchomp tin, Pokemon Time Eeveelu bag, Eeveelutions post card, and the Top-left, & middle-left Eeveelu clear cards!

Ah, wish I'd seen this before I sent in the bid for the pokedoll pins. Do you know if they originally came as a set?

You mean the rubber Pokedoll charms?
Pikachu and Mudkip were in the set together, these are unopened

Would I be able to claim that pokebox mareep charm to canada please? ^-^


could I get a quote to Spain for 1 Archie and 1 Maxie bromide/postcard? A quote for both regular and tracked shipping please, thanks!

I could put them in a stamped letter (in a card) for $3 shipping, so $7 total.
if you would like a bubble envelope as first class (has a number) shipping is $5, total $9

If that works you can send your total to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put your username in the notes

I want to commit to 48235 the Pokebox bell charm.

Ok the flaafy with the bell! It’s $27.90 to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put your username in the notes

Can you ship the $2 Sylveon open eyes clear postcard as a flat? Shipping is to 93591.

Yes I can!
And you mean the clear postcard with all the eeveelutions right?
It’s $2.49 to jennymeuse@gmail.cojust put your username in the notes!

(Deleted comment)
Someone committed to it already, but if they pass I will let you know :)
These are the only ones I have, sorry.

(Deleted comment)
Heyo! If they're still available I'll commit to the $8 handkerchief, the clear card with Victini, and the Politoed bookmark! Shipping to 44035.

All is still available!
Goods $12
Shipping $2.90
Total $14.90
To jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put your username in the notes

Hey! Could i get the jolteon Pokebox charm please? Shipped to 17022q

He is still available! Pennsylvania, right?
Total is $27.90 to jennymeuse@gmail.com
Just put your username in the notes

Can I get a quote for a Pokemon time bag (eeveelution) to the uk please?

Total is $10. If that is ok you can send $10 to jennymeuse@gmail.com

Edited at 2017-12-09 03:02 pm (UTC)

Do you have the clear great ball nanoblock? I see you have a photo of it that isn't crossed out. If you do, I'll commit to it. Zip code is 20817.

I do! Total is $6.90 to jennymeuse@gmail.com

Hello again!
Is that custom Shinx purse still available? ^^
If so, im committed to it!

Sorry I didn’t get an alert for this post :(
The Shinx pouch was sold.

Hi quote to new zealand 5014 for the eevee bath bomb disk and for the pikachu bakery pieces anything with eevee on it?

Shipping would be $4.00 for the eevee bath disk, total $7.00
None of the bakery items I have left have eevee on them. But if you want any of the others I can ship quite a few with the bath disk for the same shipping price.
Let me know if you are still interested.